Abadata Declares On-Premise Technology Obsolete

Leading Technology Provider Advises SMBs to Trade-In Their Obsolete Techfor the Latest Advancements


Michigan — November 29, 2017 – Abadata Computer Corp., a leading technology provider, announced today that the company has begun to advise owners of SMBs (small to mid-sized businesses) to trade-in their obsolete tech for the latest advancements in technology. With many companies already shifting the bulk of their infrastructure to a cloud-based IT environment, Abadata is preparing their customers for the inevitable future that any on-premise technology is no longer necessary. In stride with companies like Uber, the world’s largest taxi company that owns no taxis, or AirBnB, the world’s largest hotel company, that owns no hotels, Abadata asserts that the most businesses will own no on-premise technology, either.

            Historically, business owners would purchase their technology outright, only to eventually be burdened with unforseen maintenance costs, repair costs or miscellaneous costs that were not part of the initial purchase, but necessary for scaling. The total cost of ownership of the technology far exceeded the initial purchase price and business owners were left deciding which servers, routers and supplementary purchases they needed to make without the expertise, nor inclination to do so. Furthermore, after a substantial captial expenditure, the underlying technology would reside on-site, eventually becoming obsolete.

            In recent years, IT and telephony have evolved to the point where SMBs can completely avoid large capital expenditures on depreciating assets.This is one of the catalyzing reasons behind the explosive interest in cloud-based technology solutions, because once technology is in the cloud and is stored in extremely secure, off-site locations, the business owner doesn’t have to waste time evaluating technology investments.

            “We’re helping more and more businesses transition to cloud-based technology, while enhancing their overall customer experience,” stated Dave Wineman, President of Abadata. “Not only does cloud lessen the financial impact of technological obsolescence or unforeseen maintenance/growth costs, but it’s a superior ownership experience for everyone in the company.”

Employees are continuing to ask employers for more and more remote working agreements, which requires cloud-based, off-site technology, that is constantly managed, monitored, secured and upgraded by a managed IT services provider in order to keep the company secure, while simultaneously offering employees the flexibility to work from anywhere. CFOs are largely in favor of cloud-Cloud Workspace solutions because of the fixed monthly costs. The CFO is never surprised by large capital expentitures or all technology going obsolete simultaneously.

True managed IT service providers, like Abadata, are constantly upgrading technology solutions as features or functionality is added, so that each company always has the latest and greatest tech, without any spikes in monthly expense. Not to mention, in a cloud services environment, additional technology can be added or reduced to adjust for seasonal sales cycles or as a company’s office size needs shift, the technology can mirror that expansion or contraction. In other words, it provides more tech when you need it, less expense when you don’t.

“Much like Apple’s iPhone users who regularly receive software updates, speed improvements and other optimizations, simply by pressing a button without incurring an additional expense, SMBs can enjoy upgrades, new software improvements, add-ons and enhanced security simply by working within our Cloud Workspace,” added Mr. Wineman. “The overall goals of technology are to increase competitive advantage and to reduce overall cost and the migration from on-premise to cloud services, is the most sensible step in that direction.”

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