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Abadata Computer Corporation was started in 1981 by David W. Wineman as the Michigan Distributor of US Robotics modems and equipment. Shortly thereafter, ABADATA started the network integration segment of the business by selling, servicing and installing network equipment. Abadata has placed the utmost importance on the technical expertise of its staff, and each employee possesses multiple certifications in various network and telephony-based systems. Abadata has been serving the needs of nearly every industry for over 35 years and has deployed technology solutions in industries ranging from education to medical to government to much more.


Abadata’s mission is to make computerization magically easy. This idea is best personified by the “Magic the Cool Bunny” who can be found on the company logo. Whether Abadata is serving its customers with antivirus, education, web, customer service or telephony needs, and customers can rest assured that Magic will be present. Abadata is committed to providing these kinds of experiences for their customers.

In addition to ease of use, Abadata has also been committed to utilizing technology to increase their customers’ profitability and provide them with a competitive advantage. By concerning themselves with their customers’ bottom line, they’ve have aligned themselves with their customers’ goals and as a result they’ve established strong relationships across the board.


The company philosophy is to continually be on the leading edge of technology. David Wineman, CEO, states, “forward-thinking companies take on significantly more risk for the benefit of their customers. Throughout the years, we’ve learned that our customers appreciate our proactive approach to solving problems.

Over the last 10 years Abadata has consistently advanced their technology services.

New in 2016 they now include CAP - “Continuity Assurance Platform” ie Managed Services – with Cloud Jumper. This is just the latest in their growing list of partnerships.


Foremost at the top of Abadata’s Partnerships is their WatchGuard Gold Partnership . Consistently providing Customers and Businesses with State of the Art Firewalls, Unified Threat Management and more. Thus creating “Business Peace of Mind for SMB’s and customers from all fields.

Abadata provides advanced Back up and Disaster Recovery Systems with Snapback, VoIP Phone Systems, Surveillance and Network Camera’s with Panasonic, consistently expanding Web Development/Graphic Design Section and Great Sales and Service.

Over the last 5 years Abadata has also partnered with Ruckus for advanced and powerful Wireless Point Technology and to complete our services uses their own BiCSI trained Electrician and Master Wirer.



ABADATA has consistently been at the forefront of advancing technology for Communication Systems, cloud and online storage, Managed Services, Complete Business Solutions (back up and recovery) services and Computer Technology. In Abadata 2012 successfully purchased another Michigan company, Chris Consulting.

REMC.Abadata.com Today Abadata has 13 professional employees, and continues to uphold the same values that they started with in 1981. They understand that education and integrity are vital to creating lasting customer relationships, and the company consistently works at making sure these characteristics are at the very core of Abadata.

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In 2011, in the pursuit of knowledge and better resources, the company became a member of Technology Assurance Group (TAG), an international organization representing nearly $350 million in products and services that provides the competitive advantages necessary to propel unified communications companies to regional dominance.​
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