Watchguard Plus

Watchguard Plus provides the following benefits:

Professional and Secure installation and configuration of your Watchguard firewall.
Firewall configuration maintenance.
Expedited equipment replacement on failure.
Regular Software updates to your appliance and the desktop software.
Firmware updates.
No charge for no trouble found.
Unlimited telephone support by Certified Technicians.
Free remote diagnostic support.
Diagnostic & reprogramming in the event of a system failure.  (See exclusions for exclusions due to act of God.)
Yearly preventative maintenance evaluation. 
Configuration backups.
Unlimited customer training. 
Free annual audit of firewall security practices.
Free annual audit of Internet provider expenses.
Free consultation for adds, moves, changes, new technology, etc.
Preferred Customer Discount on purchase of additional Watchguard hardware/software.
Your Watchguard history including equipment, service issues, etc. is maintained in our computer data bank so we can serve you better, faster and with accuracy.
24x7 intrusion alert monitoring.
Firewall remote installation and recovery.
Manage firewall policies, rule set changes and validation.
VPN Configuration and maintenance
Abadata TV training videos.
Free reporting of network traffic, bandwidth utilization and traffic flow
New equipment every 3 years with renewal of Abadata’s Watchguard Plus program
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