Leading Unified Communications Provider Deploys Technology to Solution to Help Village Ford Improve Productivity and Increase Overall Efficiency

Michigan - July 2013 – Abadata Computer Corp., a leading provider of unified communications, announced today that the company has successfully deployed a managed IT monitoring solution for Village Ford. Abadata specializes in leveraging powerful technology solutions in order to increase productivity and drive profitability for local businesses and Village Ford, a leader of their industry, has launched this solution seamlessly and has experienced increased productivity across the board.
Many businesses can benefit greatly from and managed IT monitoring solutions, as they provide a means to monitor all employees’ computers and critical network devices in real-time. In other words, a business can rest assured that whenever a technical issue arises, it will be solved immediately. For example, in the past, when an employee’s computer stopped functioning properly or if the network went down, an employee typically had to call into a support center, explain the issue, wait for an available technician and schedule a time for the issue to get fixed. Now, with a managed IT monitoring solution in place, all waiting is eliminated. Basically, in this scenario, Abadata is constantly receiving real-time feedback on the performance of each device and is alerted automatically if anything isn’t functioning properly, without the customer having to do anything at all. In most cases, problems are resolved before an employee can realize that something went wrong.
Dramatically minimizing or eliminating technical issues does wonders to increase office productivity. In the case of Village Ford, with roughly 180 employees in total, the returns have been very significant. Half of the staff are known as “support staff” – which basically do all of the detail work to help the other half, the “productive staff”, which are salespeople and service advisors who spend the bulk of their time interfacing with the customer and creating new opportunities. Now that the support staff has completely eliminated downtime, they have more time to support salespeople who can now handle more customers than they ever have before. With Abadata’s help, Village Ford is driving profitability while simultaneously providing its employees with better tools, less headaches and smoother workdays.
Abadata has always been on the leading edge of technology and differentiates itself in the marketplace by ensuring that any technology deployed increases productivity and profitability. The company philosophy is to continually be on the leading edge of technology. David Wineman, CEO of Abadata, states, “forward-thinking companies take on significantly more risk for the benefit of their customers. Throughout the years, we’ve learned that our customers appreciate our proactive approach to solving problems. All in all, we just think it’s the right thing to do.”
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