Michigan – July 2013 – Abadata Computer Corp., a leading provider of unified communications, announced today that one of the key members of their team, David Wineman, CEO of Abadata, has recently received his VoiceWare VOIP Certification. This level of technical expertise is rarely awarded and signifies an overall company strength in technical capacity. In the US, only 18 companies have technicians with this certification and Abadata Computer Corp. is one of those select few.

The VoiceWare certification was designed specifically to meet the needs of the hotel/hospitality industry. As this is a growing sector, Abadata has been making significant efforts to tailor their support capabilities to provide better service to these organizations. VoiceWare was built using the latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, and is specifically designed for hotel use. It is based on an open standards platform to protect organizational investment by not tying a phone system to a proprietary platrform, and to facilitate new features and functionality as technology continues to evolve.

Over the years, Abadata has always emphasized the importance of technical capacity. The company is always striving to perform at the highest technical levels in order to provide their customers with the best possible customer service possible. Abadata invests heavily in developing staff through training and certifications. As a result, Abadata’s technical personnel are far superior to those of their competitors. These experts are capable of surveying the IT landscape and recommending solutions based on emerging trends. In essence, organizations working with Abadata get to see what’s coming, before it hits mainstream.
The team at Abadata is passionate about understanding the various software applications and cloud-based technologies and finding practical business applications for them. Many organizations consider the Abadata to be trusted IT advisors who gladly review any technical decisions facing the organization and provide targeted recommendations. Abadata considers it to be their duty to filter through everything that is available and recommend the best to the business community.
“Our passion for technology is what drives our success as a company,” states David Wineman, CEO of Abadata Computer Corporation. “Our staff is so much more knowledgeable than our competitors and it this enables us to protect our customers from obsolescence. I believe that the best approach is to lead by example, and if I’m still hungry to acquire new certifications, I know the rest of the team will step up as well. Making sure that our staff is highly trained and experienced in a variety of industries is a top priority. This approach has largely contributed to where we are today and has helped us maintain our competitive advantage.”
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